USD$200 discount is included for early access customers


  • Smart wifi-connected hive entrance with vision based artificial intelligence (AI) that counts the flow of bees entering and exiting your hive and gets smarter as it learns
  • BeeMate Smart Hive App providing;
    • Live streaming from your hive
    • Real time monitoring of your hive health
    • Remote monitoring of your apiary from anywhere using web browser
  • 10% of product purchased contributes to our #1000beehives global Sentinel Hive Network advancing research into our precious  pollinators and protecting biosecurity

Add-on Monitoring Options

  • In-hive Temperature Sensor
  • In-hive Temperature + Humidity Sensor
  • In-hive Temperature + Humidity Sensor + Hive Weight

Early Access Program

  • We will ask you for feedback on your experience with BeeMate and use this in subsequent marketing activity.
  • You are responsible for safe and responsible handling of your bees, you should always wear suitable protective equipment when handling your bees and we do not accept any liability for injury or harm while working your bees.
  • Bees naturally swarm, we take no responsibility in the unlikely event that your bees leave your hive and we'll give you tips to