make every hive a smart hive

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, BeeMate makes every hive a Smart Hive.

It counts the bees, measures the temperature, humidity and the sound level inside the hive.

It transforms all the data into actionable information.

From now on, you can backup your experience with numbers.

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What is BeeMate?

It is three element system.

BeeMate is a smart entrance and sensors for your hive and apiary that uses a HD camera to count bees and run artificial intelligence software. It sends the data to our cloud platform.

There can be up to 30 wireless sensors across your apiary, connected to each base. You can service up to 30 beehives in your apiary. Each sensor measures temperature, humidity & sound from within the hives and transfer the data to the base and cloud.

Cloud platform and app, it lives in the cloud, it stores and translates the data into actionable information for you and a global research community with your permission.

You can monitor your hives from anywhere using our iOS, Android or web app that allows you also to live stream or playback of video feed of your bees.

Our AI is constantly learning allowing to improve our ability to recognise and classify workers, drones and the queen, detect pests such as varroa mites and small hive beetle

Show your bees to your kids, to your family and friends.

Watch your bees on your cellphone, on your laptop & on your TV.


Enhance your home page with a video that relates to your process, products, or story.

Live monitoring

Livestream from the hive and share your bee stories

Detailed analytics

Monitor hive health from your cellphone

Evolving AI

Software learns on new data